Artists with the spirit of the festival in their hearts will create
a rich atmosphere through their gthoughtsh and garth.
Peoplefs spiritual levels will be elevated through art.
In that atmosphere, people will be emancipated from three-dimensional time.

Let such a moment come upon gthe Day Out of Timeh that
the spirits all over the village will be raised and released from time.
I want to embrace the earth with this gfestivalh.


On July 25 1999, we started to call for gFestivals on Day Out of Timeh
on people all over the world, which has every year around 500 festivals
in the world with great cooperation from a lot of artists who sympathize
with the concept. In 2004, we will call for festivals at holy places
throughout the world or call for creating gholy placesh themselves
by festivals in order to restore the correct recognition of the new time
and genvironmental consciousnessh_ that is feel the surrounding.

According to the structure of the universe, all the life and nature on the earth
is based on gOrganic Orderh. Because we hope for human beings to stop
feeling and thinking outside of the natural order and system,
which was especially remarkable in the 20th century, and to live
with the natural law without ignoring it, we call for gDay Out of Timeh in 2004.

Time is not money. Time is art.
Art is voyage through space. Time is naturally a concept of cycle
created from the movement of the moon and stars,
that is an universal cyclic order to inscribe the flow of
one all day by the rotation of the earth. Art has also been created
to connect the universe. And festival will be the circulation
between the spirit and phenomenon, again. We hope it takes back
the nature again, so we keep on creating the gfestivalh.

We call on you for joining us in gThe Day Out of Time Festivalh
to get rid of artificial and mechanical time youfve had.

We believe every spirit needs the main theme gTime is arth
and now we announce that we have festivals with prayers and arts
on 25th July 2004 toward the moon, sun, galaxy, and all over the universe,
so that we can restore the gOrganic Orderh into our mind.
And we hope with this global festival to achieve the activation of
gGaiah our earth and to get festival spirits back to it.

May 16, 2004, 15th @@
day of the Spectral moon
yellow rhythmic star
Yellow Crystal Human @@
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